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Zund Cut CenterZCC Digital Cutting Software is completely tailored to our customers`needs - a tool for pros by pros.

As complement to Zünd cutting/routing systems, ZCC is the backbone of your digital cutting workflow. Zünd cutting systems together with ZCC as control center guarantee an optimal workflow - from original file to finished product. This manifests itself in unsurpassed productivity and superior quality.


Zünd Cut Center is designed to prepare cutter-ready files created in commonly used design programs such as Adobe® Illustrator®. Files from many popular RIP and nesting programs can be processed without additional manipulation.


The characteristics of ZCC permit seamless integration in your digital workflow and support the user in every phase of production.


 Zund EDP Award 2013 web


Altstätten, Switzerland (June, 2013), The Zünd Cut Center Software ZCC 2.0 earns the EDP Award for „Best Workflow Management Solution 2013“! This latest award manifests once again why Zünd truly is „Your first choice in digital cutting.“


What's new?

Cut path Optimization

Take advantage of ZCC‘s automatic cut-order optimization: The software automatically makes adjustments to the cut paths to achieve the fastest-possible production time. Starting points and cut direction are automatically selected to minimize travel distances with the raised tool.

cut path



Simultaneous job preparation

simultaneousWith ZCC 2.0, you can prepare jobs while the cutter is producing. Several Cut Centers can be open at the same time for assigning methods, tools, or job processes.







Overcut elimination


Overcut is caused by the knife’s blade geometry and the material thickness. In general the blade geometry produces more overcut when cutting thicker materials.


With the overcut elimination feature overcut can be avoided completely.











Production time calculation (optional)

Production time calculationUse this feature to facilitate production planning. In the Cut Queue, each pending job shows an estimated production time. Besides pure processing, the estimate also includes the time required for job-specific setup and material advances.

While the job is in production, Cut Center continues to display the estimated time until completion. Any changes, for example, as a result of longer setup times are immediately taken into account.

Once the job is completed, the total production time is saved and displayed in the Cut Queue. 

The ZCC XML-interface allows for e.g. integrating this production data into your production planning system.


Batch processing (optional)

Batch Processing

Use the batch processing option to select multiple jobs in the Cut Queue for processing in the assigned order. For example, select a number of jobs in the evening, and have the cutter produce them overnight.






E-Mail notification (optional)


Set up the cutter, start the job, and let it run. If any operator intervention is required, you are notified by email.








Cut queue features

Cut Queue Features




The Cut Queue offers comprehensive import-/export options and necessary interfaces for communicating with e.g. ERP/CRM/RIP and other software. Take advantage of this open architeccture to optimize your production workflow. Compile cost data, generate offers, etc., from a central source!

Production-ready jobs are listed and can be further managed in the Cut Queue. The Cut Queue also provides important, job-relevant information such as order numbers, due dates, and material references. A large display area facilitates job control and identification. Already in this phase, you can use the „estimated production time“ to coordinate your production schedule. Last-minute corrections can be made anytime in the Cut Editor. Job selection occurs either manually or via barcode reader.


How does the Cut Queue help you automate your production workflow?

  • Seamless preparation of cut file from RIP
  • Open jobs with barcode reader
  • Batch processing for automated production of multiple jobs
  • Hotfolders for efficient import of jobs with repeat scenarios
  • Email notification in case of error or required user intervention
  • Comprehensive search functions and filter options
  • Standardized user interface for data exchange with ERP/CRM, etc.


Production-time calculation




Production time is a key component in production planning. To keep you from having to time each job with a stopwatch, the Cut Queue keeps track of time for each phase of the job. Even while jobs are in the queue, you can see the estimated time it will take for processing them.


This provides you with the tools, e.g. to efficiently plan your daily production. Once the job is completed, the actual production time is saved in the cut data. This information may be used later on for invoicinig or for planning recurring jobs.



Cut Queue

  • Overview and sorting of pending and finished jobs
  • Select jobs via barcode reader
  • Preview jobs
  • Estimate production times
  • Batch processing
  • Email notification



Cut Editor

  • Expanded editing tool for last-minute cut-file corrections
  • Basic drawing tools
  • Close open contours
  • Overcut compensation
  • Optimize processing times: Control cut sequence, Control cut direction, Automatically set start point
  • Comprehensive file import options



Cut Center

  • Cutting system control center
  • Provides tool and blade recommendations
  • Select job processes
  • Define processing methods



Cut Manager

  • Manage all tools and parameters
  • Define hot folders
  • Set up production processes
  • Specify cutter configuration
  • Manage database




Print&Cut workflow

Print&Cut Workflow

Before now digital cutting workflows required any number of manual steps. Looking to the future, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the highest degree of automation will be necessary to produce cost-effectively and remain competitive. Zünd has devoted itself to this topic for years, and complete workflow automation remains our primary objective.



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ZCC Material Database




A comprehensive material database is at the core of the ZCC software. It contains the best processing methods and parameters for a multitude of materials. 

Before a material is added to the database, it undergoes extensive testing in the Zünd R&D department. This ensures the material will be processed with the best-possible methods and perfectly coordinated parameters. Only thoroughly proven methods are utilized and the utmost care is taken to maximize the longevity of router bits and cutting blades. 


The system suggests optimal combinations of tools and inserts for each material. If you do not happen to have the suggested blade, ZCC will automatically propose possible alternatives. 


The ZCC material database can be expanded by the individual user. New materials can be added with a few mouseclicks. Once these user-defined entries are made, they remain available for future jobs.


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