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For over a quarter-century, Summa engineers have designed some of the most popular, affordable and durable equipment solutions for the sign making, outdoor advertising and aircraft marking industries. Since 1996, the summausa.com Web site has been a key resource for Summa customers and prospective clients by providing round-the-clock access to product, support and service information.


1984 DMP40V
1990 DMP100V
1992 T1000
1993 SummaChrome
1994 SummaSign Series
1995 OPOS
1996 SummaSign Pro Series
1996 SummaCut Series
1997 SummaPaint PC 1500
1999 SummaCut Series second generation
1999 DuraChrome
2001 DC2
2002 DC3
2004 SummaSign Pro SL
2004 OPOS 2.0
2005 S Class
2005 OPOS X
2006 DC4
2010 F Series
1973 An assembly facility of Bausch & Lomb is started in Gistel, Belgium (Bausch & Lomb Belgium nv). The factory was established to assemble high-tech recording devices used in the manufacture of precision optical lenses.
1985 A merger with Houston Instruments Inc. positions the factory in recorder, pen plotter and digitizer markets.
1990 Houston Instruments Inc. is sold to Summagraphics Inc., a manufacturer of vinyl imaging equipment for use in the sign-making market. Gistel becomes fully responsible for the development and production of vinyl cutters.
1996 CalComp Inc. and Summagraphics Inc. merge and found a new entity: CalComp Technology Inc. The Belgian division of Summagraphics is renamed to CalComp Display Products nv.
1999 WestComp Inc. acquires CalComp Display Products nv and funds Summa nv.
1999 WestComp Inc. is renamed to  Summa Inc., responsible for all sales and distribution in North and Latin America, Far East and Oceania. 
2000 Summa Inc. merges with Airmark Inc. A direct sales channel is set up in the USA.
 2001 Modeled after the direct sales channel in the US, Summa launches SummaDirect UK.
2001 Summa Europe bvba is founded as the commercial division responsible for sales and distribution in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
2002 Summa nv and Summa Europe bvba merge into Summa bvba.



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