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Zünd - a family-owned business located in Altstätten, Switzerland. Founded in 1984 by Karl Zünd, they now have 150 employees and can look back on more then 25 years of industry experience. Their principal area of expertise is the development and manufacturing of modular, precision plotter/cutters and tool heads.



First successful introduction to the Zünd Cut Center 2.0 at the ISA Show in Las Vegas.

With the introduction of the super fast and ground-breaking S3 cutter series at the Fespa Barcelona and the Drupa Dusseldorf Zünd proving yet again why it is truly "Your first choice in digital cutting."

The number of employees reached already 150!

Successful introducion of the Zünd Board Handling System (highest level in automation) at the Fespa Digital in Germany.

Zünd introduces the Zünd Cut Center - a new standard in software for digital cutting.

The company obtains ISO 9001 and 14001 certification. Amidst worldwide economic turmoil, Zünd celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Successful introducing of the new digital cuttergeneration G3 at Drupa 2008 in Dusseldorf.

The number of employees reaches over 120! Zünd focus the resources on digital cutting and workflow solutions and will no longer develop new printing equipment.

Zünd Systemtechnik AG celebrates its 20th anniversary. To mark the occasion, three wood sculptures by local artist Markus Buschor are dedicated.
The total number of employees exceeds 100. With over 250 installations worldwide, the UV-Jet-215 Combi becomes the most successful UV digital printer on the market.  
With the completion of a second annex and a total of 6.800 square meters of office and production space, the Zünd facilities at Industriestrasse 8 can now accommodate all employees.  
Integration of Zünd Plotter Service AG and Mechatron AG into Zünd Systemtechnik AG.
Launch of the UV flatbed printer UVjet 215-Combi.
The number of employees reaches 84.
Launch of the new leather cutter LC-2400 in May at SIMAC in Bologna.
Introduction of the new Zünd color printing systems at Fespa in Munich and ITMA in Paris.
A subsidiary, Zünd Asia Ltd., Hong Kong, is established in January.
In May, Zünd Systemtechnik AG takes over Mechatron AG, a plotter company with seven employees located in Heerbrugg, Switzerland.
Launch of the large-format leather cutter LC-27 for the automotive and upholstery industries.
Move into a new, 1.000-sq. meter production building and warehouse in December. Mechatron AG moves into the new building at Industriestrasse 8.
Introduction and launch of the XL-Line.
Zünd Systemtechnik AG now employs 63 people.
The L-Line is introduced at IMB in Cologne and SGIA in Atlanta. Launch of new multifunctional tool heads.
In March, Zünd Systemtechnik AG, with 36 employees, moves into the new, 2.200-sq. meter facility at Industriestrasse 8 in Altstätten.
Formation of Zünd Plotter Service AG in January and subsequent move into the old Zünd Systemtechnik building at Tiefenackerstrasse 67 in Altstätten. The company now has 15 employees.
Launch of the LC-1400, a cutter designed specifically for direct leather cutting in the shoe industry.
Introduction of the passe-partout / mat-cutting system at SACA in Bologna.
Construction begins on new office and production facilities at Industriestrasse 8 in Altstätten.
In September, introduction of the new plotter generation with the M-Line at Sign Europe, Düsseldorf.
In November, development begins of the new generation of Zünd plotters:
-  S-Line
-  M-Line
-  L-Line
-  XL-Line

Zünd takes over production, sales, and service of Wild plotters from Wild Plotter AG.

The number of employees grows to a total of 30.
Start of production and launch of the P-2000, the third plotter (following the P-1200 and P-700) developed and manufactured entirely by Zünd Systemtechnik AG. The strategy to focus on diversification is starting to pay off.
The number of employees reaches 24.
Introduction of the modular tool heads. These multifunctional heads for plotting, cutting, creasing, routing, and engraving open up new applications, e.g. in the packaging and textile industries, and many others.
The P-700 (a complementary model to the P-1200) is exhibited again at the “Semaine du cuir” Show in Paris in September. Zünd Systemtechnik establishes itself as an important supplier to the shoe industry.
When cooperation talks between Zünd Systemtechnik AG and Wild-Leitz AG fail, the two companies become competitors.  
Wild-Leitz AG merges with a competitor, Cambridge Instruments, UK., and Leica Heerbrugg AG, with headquarters in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, is established. As a result of this merger, Leica’s interest in the plotter business diminishes significantly.
In September, Zünd Systemtechnik AG exhibits for the first time at Sign Europe in Wiesbaden.
Introduction of the first plotter produced by Zünd, the P-1200, at the “Semaine du cuir” in Paris in October.
In June, the sole proprietorship is transformed into Zünd Systemtechnik AG, located in Altstätten.
Zünd Systemtechnik AG starts developing its own plotter.
Zünd develops a perforating head for Wild plotters for the upholstery industry. Together with various Zünd options, Wild plotters are sold very successfully in Europe and the USA through Wild and Zünd dealers.

The main focus is on developing and manufacturing automated roll-feed and rewind systems that can handle paper used for pattern-making in the garment industry. Multifunctional tool heads for plotting, cutting, and routing/milling are developed. Zünd now has 6 employees.
Because Wild plotters can handle only sheeted materials, which have to be loaded manually, Zünd concentrates mostly on developing and manufacturing automated roll-feed systems. These automated roll-off, advance, and cut-off systems are sold as options for Wild plotters and significantly improve their productivity. Another application is the cutting of patterns for die-making in the shoe industry.

In September 1984, Karl Zünd establishes a sole proprietorship under his name in Altstätten, SG, Switzerland. The company’s focus is to sell Wild flatbed plotters to European dealers in the graphics industry, with computerized cutting of vinyl for sign-making and masking film in reprographics being the two main applications. At the same time, Zünd begins developing and implementing options and add-ons to further enhance the capabilities of Wild plotters. Besides Karl Zünd, an engineer, a freelance design engineer, and an administrative assistant work for the company.


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