What is it?

Front-End application with post processor and import plug-ins for CAD and illustration software (e. g. AutoCAD, Illustrator, CorelDRAW)

Key Benefits


Fits in every existing workflow because of
- Import plug-ins
- Wide variety of import/export filters

More productivity and versatility of workflows due to
- Customizable drivers
- Multi-tool head support
- Workflow Manager with Macro Editor

Key Features

- Import filter: DXF, EPS, PDF, PLT, …
- Node editing tool for editing of vector data
- Make ready-to-cut of the object to be processed with tool-offset
- Creation of start / end tool paths
- Automatic duplication of cut objects on a given working area
- Optimisation of the traverse paths of the tool head with sort
- Simulation of output on the screen to check the optimisation
- Post processor activates and controls individually adapted to the
  selected devices
- Controls several devices at the same time
- Material database

Recommended for:

- All applications which need to cut, die cut, laser or mill
- Zünd and Wild flatbed plotters with/without mill option
- Multifunctional flatbed machines with customized tool heads
- All HPGL and G-Code capable machines


Compare List
Front-End  Front-End & Design  Production 
Camera Support
Post Processor
Import / Export
Productivity Tools
Design Tools

1) optional - not part of standard delivery

Technical Data

What's in the Box?

- OptiScout Front-End software
- Copy protection (dongle)


- English
- German
- Spanish
- French
- Italian (English manual*)
- Dutch (English manual*)
- Czech (English manual*)
- Russian (English manual*)


- Production software

Supported Operating Systems:

32-bit 64-bit
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP SP2/SP3


- Processor Intel/AMD dualcore 2 GHz
- RAM: min. 1 GB
- Free hard disc capacity: min. 750 MB
- Free USB port (for copy protection)
- 1 x serial interface RS-232 or alternatively
  one more free USB port (for device control)


- Recommended: broadband internet
  access (for remote maintenance and
  software Live Update)


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