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EnRoute Software provides CNC software and CAD/CAM design software solutions for the CNC wood working, CNC sign making, manufacturing and fabrication industries. We offer CNC router software for 3-axis CNC machines, as well as a vast array of support and CNC software training for all of EnRoutes CNC software products. Let EnRoute Software help turn your creative design ideas into reality.



EnRoute is a complete CAD/CAM software with a comfortable design interface and simplified output process, which makes for ideal sign making software.

  Sign makers who use EnRoute for CNC signmaking enjoy many benefits including:

  • More creativity and artistic freedom with EnRoute's drawing, texturing and engraving tools

  • Time savings with EnRoute's vectorization tool

  • Material savings with EnRoute's suite of nesting algorithms

  • Improved production efficiency with EnRoute's 3D rendering that simulates the finished parts prior to output


Latest Features

What's new in EnRoute 5


 ATP   New Supported ATP Applications

EnRoute now supports: KCD, All Master Software, Cabinet Solutions, 3D Kitchens, Cabinet Vision, FlexiCabs, 20/20, Pattern Systems, RouterCad, EnRoute Boxster and more. (add-on option for Basic, Plus or Pro)
 ATP   Cut List Generator for DXF Files for
use with ATP

This Solution makes processing DXF files with EnRoute easier and more powerful than ever.   This will allow for layer printouts and labels to be created for any DXF files processed. (add-on option for Basic, Plus or Pro)
 ATP   Improved Label Printing

Our work with high-production users has allowed us to implement support for machine manufacturers that utilize automated labeling solutions.  The improvements also allow for more efficient printing of sheet labels. (add-on option for Basic, Plus or Pro)
 Design   Create Block Around Selected
Contours as Solution

This is a program found in the Solutions menu that will allow you to put a rectangle around the selected contours.  It can also to an offset rectangle around the part or grouped parts. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   2D Geometry Distortion

This feature will allow you to select 2D contours and distort them using a grid of selection handles.  A powerful creative tool for text and shapes. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   Add Precision Input Toolbar Button

A Toolbar button was added that will call the Precision Input Center for easy scaling, rotating and moving of parts. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   Contour Noise Distortion  

This tool allows 2D contours to be easily distorted to give the appearance of a hand finished piece without perfectly straight machined edges.  There are two different methods for applying noise to the contours providing a lot of flexibility.(Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   Extend Arc as an Arc or Line 

The user now has the option of extending arc segments as either a continuation of the arc or as a line segment. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   Shape Creation from Gcode in ShapeWizard   

This Shapewizard feature will allow you to create geometry from a Gcode output file.  For bringing toolpaths back in a contours.  Will most with most standard Gcode based formats. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   Import ROU with Layers 

Import an EnRoute drawing into the current drawing,
maintaining the layer structure of the imported drawing. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
 Design   New DXF / DWG Import 

We have partially implemented a new import filter for DWG and DXF files that improve EnRoute’s ability to work with the latest versions of the AutoDesk standard file format. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Misc   File Preview of saved ROU files

File preview – Files saved in the EnRoute 5 have a preview created so that the next time the file is opened, a preview is available in the Open File dialog.  This makes it easier to identify the correct file to be opened. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Misc    Thread Pitch Wizard

A thread milling wizard for generating geometry to create threaded parts. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Output   Updated Drivers

There have been many new and updated drivers added to the list of supported machines.  Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more. (Basic, Plus, Pro)

Parametric Shapes   Arch Shapewizard Shape

This parametric program will allow customers to create and arch box shape. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Parametric Shapes   Cut off Corners Shapewizard Shape

This parametric shape creation wizard will allow for the creation of box shapes with cut off corner construction. (Basic, Plus, Pro)

Parametric Shapes    Fold Up Box Shapewizard Shape 

This parametric shape wizard will create boxes that can be created with 90 Deg V-groove bits. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Text   Grade 2 Braille Converter in Solutions

One Solution that we are excited about is a new Braille translator. Activate the translator, type in some text, and the translator will provide the appropriate Braille layout for the text. Both Grade 1 and Grade 2 Braille are available, and the best part is that it is included free with EnRoute 5. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Text    Single Stroke Fonts

Single-stroke fonts – EnRoute now includes single-stroke fonts that can be used just the same as other font styles in EnRoute. These fonts are intended for use primarily for marking purposes using an Engrave toolpath strategy. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Bridges on Open Contour Offsets

Bridges on open-contour offset toolpaths – It is now
possible to manually place bridges on open-contour offset toolpaths.  Bridges are placed after the toolpath has been created. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   180 Entry Exit on Open Contour Offset

You can now have a 180 Entry Exit value when assigning a 3D lead in to an Open Contour Offset. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Daisy Chain No Lift Option

Daisy-chain cutting for no-lift cutting option – This provides a method for reducing the number of tool lifts during cutting.  To accomplish this, the tool modifies the location of start points in order to minimize the amount of cutting required between parts. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Feed Rate Calculator added to Solutions

A request that we have received a bit over the years is to include a feedrate calculator that would allow you to enter the chipload for a given tool and the number of flutes and the RPM and provide a suggested feedrate.  Chipload values are provided by the tool manufacturer. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Fine Tool for Routing Offsets 

A fine tool can be used in the Routing Offset strategy in order to allow inside corners to be cut out using a smaller tool than is used to cut the object out.  This allows sharper inside corners to be created without having to use a smaller diameter tool to cut a part out. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Horizontal Drilling Support

EnRoute now includes support for horizontal drill bank tools.  Drill banks can be configured with both horizontal and vertical drills, which will then be automatically utilized during output. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Tool Compensation Support

Added support for standard tool compensation.  This is applicable for specific router manufacturers and users.  It is typically used for more repetitive manufacturing applications that don’t utilize complex toolpathing but need to have the flexibility of using tools that have been sharpened.  Sharpening tools changes their diameter slightly so without tool compensation it is necessary to re-create toolpaths using the modified diameter. The tool compensation method allows the compensation to happen at the machine without the need to re-calculate the toolpaths, which is much easier in a high production setting. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Toolpath   Toolpath Noise Distortion

This is a similar tool to the contour distortion, but it is applicable to toolpaths.  The cool thing about this is that it allows you to introduce variations into the surfaces you cut, which allows you to achieve a more “hand cut” look to your pieces.  (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Misc   EnRoute Closing Issue Addressed

EnRoute will now not shut down until any file saving has been completed.  This will prevent files from becoming corrupt because EnRoute was closed down before they completed saving. (Basic, Plus, Pro)
Misc   Run as administrator Issue Addressed 

You no longer have to right click the EnRoute icon and choose "Run as administrator" when running EnRoute on Windows Vista or 7.  (Basic, Plus, Pro)

Nesting   3 Nesting Methods

There are three different nesting engines in the True Shape Nesting options to choose from. (Plus, Pro)

Nesting    Block Nesting with Common Line Cutting 

Block nesting can be the most efficient and fastest method of nesting for certain types of objects. This is another algorithm we developed in-house to provide more control over the options and the results. Common-line contour creation for cutting – As part of the block nesting process, users can choose to create contours that can be used for
common-line cutting.  This is useful for cutting rectangular parts because it prevents “double cutting” of the parts. (Plus, Pro)

Nesting     Copy Nesting

Easier to nest multiples – Nesting originals, a copy, or multiple copies of objects can all be accessed in one interface.(Plus, Pro)
Nesting      Nesting around Obstructions  

EnRoute can automatically recognize contours that are selected as nesting “obstructions” and will nest around these obstructions.  This provides a very simple way to avoid clamps on the machine, or to avoid a section of the material that is not good for nesting, such as knots or other defects in a solid wood panel. (Plus, Pro)
Nesting       Nesting Report  

Nesting summary report – EnRoute creates a nesting summary document that allows users to track the efficiency of the nest, and also to track their material utilization for job cost tracking. (Plus, Pro)
Nesting      New Nesting Interface 

We consolidated all of the different nesting options into one interface so that it is simpler and more straightforward to use. (Plus, Pro)
Nesting      Remnants Creation

During the nesting process you can create a remnant from the un-nested material.  This remnant can be easily trimmed and the resulting contour that is created can be turning into a plate and nested into. (Plus, Pro)
Output      Improved Cutting Estimation

The cutting estimation tool now produces reports in XML format which will allow for some customization. (Plus, Pro)
Plate      Convert Remnant to Plate

Any shape, including remnants created by the nesting process, can be converted to a plate.  Shapes can then be nested into the non-rectangular plate. (Plus, Pro)
Plate      Different Plates on Different Layers (only with remnants)

Creation of different plates on different layers using
non-rectangular shapes – This allows users to define different material sizes in one drawing, and to also utilize remnant contours as their plate definitions.  This is a productivity tool that will make the plate definition more useful for users during the design process. (Plus, Pro)
Simulation   New Open GL Rendering

Rendering and simulation enhancements – EnRoute includes a new rendering option that improves the OpenGL rendering to better utilize graphic card hardware.  This  speeds up and improves the rendering process.  This can be seen both in normal 3D rendering, and will also be an improvement to the simulation process. (Plus, Pro)
Toolpath      Sharp Corners on 3D Engrave External
and Routing Offset 3D Clean Pass

EnRoute implements the ability to create sharp external corners using conic tools in the Engrave and Routing Offset strategies.  For certain applications the sharp corners look more natural, and fit the design better.   In the engrave strategy this is presented as an option, and with routing
offsets it happens automatically with square corner offsets when a 3D clean pass is created. (Plus, Pro)
3D Surfacing      3D Relief Distortion

With this feature both the outer shape of reliefs and the surface itself can be distorted using selection handles. (Pro)
3D Surfacing   Align Bottom of Relief to the Top of the Plate

This alignment tool will allow for the bottom of a selected relief to be quickly moved to the Z axis zero position for relief editing purposes. (Pro)
3D Surfacing       Blending Tool Improvements

Very nice improvements have been made to the relief editing tools, particularly with the blending tool which allows for the quick blending of surfaces large and small alike. (Pro)
3D Surfacing       Relief Offset for Mold Making

Offsetting a relief surface can enhance EnRoute’s
applications for mold-making.  It is also an interesting creative tool, and can be used to improve the effects achieved with Rapid Texture. (Pro) 
Design      EnRoute Designer

A copy of EnRoute that has all of the Pro features that can only design and toolpath, without output or importing (DXF, STL, DWG, etc). This option can be purchased for an added cost with a full-license of Pro.
Texturing      Rapid Picture Improvements

Changes were made to Rapid Texture to improve the resolution of the Rapid Picture image. (Pro)

Texturing       New Rapid Texture Interface and preferences

We separated the Rapid Texture parameters in order to simplify the interface, and to group parameters so that it is easier to keep track of what you are trying to accomplish with your texture. (Pro) 
Texturing       Rapid Texture Resolution and Tolerance

Two new parameters were added to let the user define the resolution of the noise pattern and a cleanup tolerance for the Rapid Texture contours. These two parameters used to be built in to the tool, which created limitations for small and very large designs. (Pro)
Texturing       New Fade Function in Rapid Texture

We introduced a new Fade parameter to Rapid Texture that lets you define a distance over which to fade out the noise texture applied to the RT offsets. This gives you another way to make your RT designs creative and unique. (Pro)

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