About Us

Celebrating 16 years of success

Operating in Dubai since 1998, Colour Byte LLC provides specialist finishing solutions to the graphics industry and associated sectors. Our objective is to bring to the Middle East market a range of products that are best in class to cater to established professionals in the field. As a result of this consistent goal since our inception, we are at this point in time the licensed distributors of a range of machines made in Europe by manufacturers with a proven track record and a clear leadership position. Our clients rely on well-engineered equipment to provide a high quality finished product to their clients.

Their success is also ours.

Solid, reliable systems

With a solid background in the graphics and print industry of spanning over 25 years, our focus is on quality and reliability. We understand the need for highly reliable solutions, as our clients depend on reliability for their core business. Our clients are well established professional companies who invest in well-designed products, suitable for long-term use. Our premium systems are often used in harsh environments - and due to the high quality of our products, it is not uncommon to find our systems in production even after 10 years of operation. This long lifecycle provides our clients a very healthy return on investment, which we as a company are proud of.

Complementary solutions

Our focus is on print finishing in general. This includes all types of cutting, welding and laminating. The systems we provide are all complementary with each other, to add maximum value to our clients’ operation. Hence, we insist on the fact that we provide solutions and not machines.

After sales service

We put a lot of importance on training. This is reflected in the regular ongoing investment we make in maintaining our technical knowledge to provide optimum service. We stock a wide range of spare parts to support our large user base. Our technical support is available by phone, email and with online diagnostics on 24/7 basis.

Preventive maintenance

Our customer base is spread over a wide geographical area. Access is sometimes difficult, and internet service is not always at its best. This is why our policy is always to recommend a preventive maintenance contract to our new clients. We work on a schedule of planned visits, during which we perform a complete overhaul of our clients’ machines, where we test all parts for wear and tear, and replace all consumables. To conclude we submit a report with our recommendations for best use of the machine until the next visit.

Growing knowledge pool

Our policy is to continuously invest in expanding our knowledge, in order to advise and help our clients to grow as well. We are in an industry that is continuously expanding and developing. We consider it essential to keep up to date with new technologies, materials, production techniques and market demand to maintain our leadership position in the market.

Spirit of innovation

We are driven by a strong belief that innovation is the fuel of a successful business. If we do not innovate, we stand stagnate. We strive to find new uses for our systems, along with new materials to expand opportunities, which we pass on to our clients.